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DISCLAIMER: Wellesley Public Schools is committed to protecting the privacy of our students' information. WPS recognizes
the benefits to families of sharing student/family information with partner, community, and educational organizations that have a
demonstrated educational mission for the advancement of our programs or communications among our families. This WPS
Family Directory is current as of 09/06/2023 and is published for the informational purposes for staff and personal use of WPS
families. Neither Wellesley Public Schools nor the organization is responsible for any mistakes or errors.


By participating in this WPS Family Directory you acknowledge and accept these privacy limitations.


● The WPS Family Directory and information within may not be copied, shared, disseminated, nor distributed to any person or entity.

● The WPS Family Directory and information within may not be used to solicit or engage in any commercial, political, or charitable activities

● Misuse of this information could result in legal action and will result in the loss of directory sharing in the future.

● Names, addresses, e-mails, and phone numbers of students and their parents may be provided for school-related and/or support activities provided by the partner organization receiving this directory (WEF, PTO, WPSAS, POPS, WSF).

● If parents wish for their family’s name and pertinent contact information to be removed from this WPS Family Directory, they should notify the organization in writing.


If you have any questions, please email portal@wellesleyps.org.

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